Weekend Yoga & Meditation Retreat

Date: 26-Apr-2019


Weekend Yoga & Meditation Retreat in the Eden Valley with Mick Timpson. 

26 April 18.30 - 28 May 16.00. Haybergill Centre. Appleby  Cumbria

Join Mick and the yogalifeproject for a chance to live and breathe your yoga in the heart of the Eden Valley, Cumbria. The weekend retreat will combine yoga practice, meditation, deep relaxing nidra, creativity, science and philosophy into one meaningful transforming experience. You can read more about the retreat and download a booking form here...

Costs:ᅠ £275/per person.

"Excellent value for money - the best yoga teacher I've come across in my 20 years of on/off yoga practice. I've been attending Mick's classes in Chorlton for a year now and I'm already planning how to integrate attendance in my upcoming career choices.  His passion for yoga is infectious and illuminating. The food on the retreat was great and plentiful and easy to access at any time. The venue is purpose built for retreats and gatherings and set in a beautiful part of the world. I really liked the workshops and interactive elements. Ultimately the subjects are interconnected, getting to the flow in writing, drawing, presenting, walking, reading, acting, meditating is all going to help students learn the need and techniques to wrestle down the monkey mind. Approaching it through different subjects deepens and reinforces learning".

Mary, YLP Retreat 2017

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