What We Got Up To in April 2018
Katy Ratican - Monday, April 30, 2018

In spite of the changing weather in Manchester, from arctic conditions to midsummer, undaunted the blossom appeared in our street. We have been working hard too at beanddo helping others blossom towards making happy work.

We love doing what we do and it’s true if you want to know that creative force that flows through you every moment, find out what you are good at and then teach it to others. It will make you happy!

The Inner Architect

Beanddo's founder, Mick Timpson was featured in a special Manchester edition of the OM Yoga and Lifestyle magazine. Titled ‘The Inner Architect’, the article captures Mick’s unique take on mediation and yoga and how it can be used to help everyone make changes in their lives and empower them onto what they can do. As Mick often says - "the key is not so much what you do in life but more how you do it". That, in a nutshell, is what beanddo is all about. 

Mick at work

Another day, another workshop

We were pleased to be invited back to do another modern meditation workshop at the OM Yoga Show in Manchester. ‘be different, do differently’ is designed to give everyone a taste of modern meditation over 90 minutes. Ideally designed for yoga students, it helps them go deeper into their practice, while also giving them some background on the science and art of what modern meditation is all about.

Mick hosting Be Different, Do Differently

Planting seeds

We have also spent the month getting out and about helping to plant seeds regarding the benefits of developing a modern meditation programme in the workplace. Next month is also Mental Health Awareness Week (14-20 May), with the theme of stress and we are thrilled to be contributing to wellbeing events pioneered by the Seashell Trust and Rentalcars.com. Watch this space. If your business is keen to get involved and help highlight and tackle workplace stress then get in touch.

Rental Cars

Keeping the flow flowing

This month, Mick was invited along (with the inspiring Simone Ridyard) to judge the annual travel sketchbook competition at the Landscape School at Manchester School of Art. Sketch books or notes books, it doesn't matter which are important things to own and make. Just spend five minutes a day to add something, no matter what. A line of text you liked, an observation, a picture from a magazine, an idea that jumps into your head. Each time you open up your book it's like a little moment of self-journaling, bringing you into the moment. It can be very therapeutic and liberating.

John Ruskin’s notebook

We have lots of meditation events coming up over the next few months, we hope to see you there! 

Header image: Jake Weirick, unsplash



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