Do you remember what you did today?
Katy Ratican - Wednesday, June 27, 2018

How often to do you get to the end of a working day and think 'erm, what did I do today?' It's so easy to get into a routine and mindlessly plod through each day. But with that comes the risk that you'll miss out on all the good stuff in the here and now. 

The key to remembering what you did each day lies in bringing purpose to what you are doing. That might sound difficult, even intimidating, but it needn't be. With practice, you'll be able to perform previously mindless tasks much more mindfully. Whether it's answering emails or doing your admin, believe it or not those seemingly dull tasks can be done with purpose. And the more purpose you bring to them, the more likely you are to be motivated, productive and happier.

How to be more present

What can you do to become more present and aware of your daily tasks? You can meditate. When your mind is being pulled away from a task (which is very likely in a modern-day office environment), take a few moments to meditate at work. Take what you learn from your practice and apply it to your daily work tasks. The more you do this, the more purpose you will bring to each activity.

Below are five simple things you can try each day to bring more awareness to your daily activities. 

1. Start the day as you mean to go on. As soon as you wake up in the morning, don't immediately jump out of bed - pause for a few whole breaths. It might only take a few seconds, but it’s the first step to bringing greater purpose to your day.

2. Take a few mindful moments on your commute. Meditating in a busy place is possible - but it will take practice, so slowly build up to it. Take a few deep breaths at the beginning and end of your journey. 
3. If you're desk-bound at work, use it to your advantage. Each time you sit down or stand up, be more mindful. Think about the task you are doing, or are about to start. You'll be surprised by how quickly this becomes second nature - and how much more switched on you feel at work.  

4. Do you lose time mindlessly scrolling through your phone? Attach a post-it or sticker to the back of your phone, to act as a reminder to be more mindful and to take a moment. This simple act can help you to be more present, at a time when getting lost in the distraction of your phone is overwhelming. 

5. Always use bedtime as your opportunity to vocalise something you enjoyed or appreciated from the day. At first, you might feel a bit awkward but by doing this, you will experience positive associations from the events, which in turn could lead you to living more in the present.

In modern life, it's too easy to allow days to pass you by in a haze, without any knowledge of what you’ve done with your time. You can choose to make the most of those small moments that make up your day through meditation. Being more present will not only give you a greater sense of accomplishment, it will also improve your overall awareness and wellbeing. 

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