What We Got Up To In October 2018
Katy Ratican - Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Our work continues to grow as we spread the benefits of simple modern mediation into different workplaces and communities. This month, beanddo headed out into the NHS, local education from pre-school to post grad and key businesses. 

Back to school 

Beanddo’s founder, Mick Timpson, returned for the new academic year at Manchester School of Art as a visiting lecturer, specialising in creative thinking and drawing techniques. As always, the year starts with a flow workshop for the postgraduate students, some of whom will be new to the creative process. Mick helps his students to get into the ‘zone’ and release expectation and worry. The technique is not just for design students though, it’s for everyone.

Caring for the teachers 

This month, we were also delighted to be invited to Reddish Vale Nursery School. This is a wonderful community of nearly 200 pre-school children from two to four years old. Mick worked with the teaching team during one of their training days, showing them some simple modern meditation techniques to enable them to find moments of stillness and quiet in the middle of what are very busy days.

Working with heroes

We were thrilled to have been invited over to Leeds teaching hospital for a day of meditation training across four different sessions. Mick worked with medical staff, consultants, administrators and researchers on two separate campuses in the heart of Leeds city centre.

This was a great initiative by Leeds NHS, asking Mick to operate like a para-meditation teacher, dropping it into different environments and providing moments of stillness, resilience, focus, relaxation and insight. As the pressure builds in our workplaces, particularly at the NHS, we would like to do more of this.

If you would like us to bring our modern meditation programmes into your workplace, get in touch today.



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