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The beanddo modern mindfulness meditation teacher-training programme is aimed at inspired people who would like to incorporate meditation practice and its benefits into their profession and place of work, as well as their wider community. Joining the teacher training programme will also help deepen and expand your self practice too.


During the course, you will dive into the eight-part ‘Make Happy Work’ modules designed by beanddo founder, architect, artist and senior yoga teacher Mick Timpson.


The beanddo approach emphasises opening up to our natural inner resources for wellbeing. Unlike some other mindfulness courses which tend to focus on long periods self-analysis, the beanddo technique is aimed directly at applying the technology and benefits of meditation to daily life.


As Mick says,


“Just as there is an art and science for designing the outer world for our benefit there is also an art and science for designing our inner world the way we want it. It's called meditation. When practiced thoroughly and consistently, real change is possible. We can empower our inner architect”.


Like all good design, the making of the life you want is a journey of discovery. It's simply a matter of shifting your perspective. Together, we already have all the resources and material needed to change. Let’s empower your own inner architect and start to make your own world work beautifully right here, right now!











Learning to ‘beanddo

Emphasis is on the natural cognitive shift that meditation practice reveals. With practice we can learn to merge ‘being’ and ‘doing’ together in the moment. This experience of ‘optimal presence’ in action results in more accurate perception of one’s self and one’s relationship to the world. The result is a deeper awareness of being fully alive in the here and now leading to a profound and persistent increase in wellbeing, insight, creativity and health.


Helping others nurture and build this optimal presence and experience through meditation is a process, not a destination. It requires thoughtful, open, creative, insightful teaching. If this sounds like you and you feel compelled to help others thrive in the world, then join our mission to help make happy work.


Course Information

The beanddo make happy work teacher training is a 100-hour, Yoga Alliance UK Professionals accredited course. It includes:


  • Over 40 hours of direct teaching. This is divided into two parts over seven days, once a week.
  • Recorded self-practice
  • Written assignments
  • Teaching experience


Part 1

  • Four immersive sessions (7 hours/day, minimum of 28 hours) based on the beanddo modern mediation eight week programme.


Part 2

  • Three workshop intensives (7 hours/day, minimum 21 hours) on the art, science and teaching of the beanddo modern meditation programme
  • 20 hours guided self-practice, study and assignments
  • 40 hours of asana (yoga mat practice) either before, during or after the course (not included in the fee)


You will receive

  • A copy of Make Happy Work! Teacher Training Provider Handbook
  • Teaching scripts for the beanddo eight week make happy modern meditation course
  • Meditation downloads and framework practices scripts
  • Professional 100-hour certification to teach mediation
  • A chance to work with the beanddo team and help make happy work


This course is a powerful journey of change that provides you with the tools to help yourself and others to live a more skillful, creative and happier life – to make happy work!














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beanddo by definition

[be-and-do] verb.


being and doing. A purposeful merging of the science of effortless being with the art of spontaneous doing as a way to promote deeper awareness, wellbeing intuition and creativity.

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