What is Modern Meditation?

Ancient science, modern applications


Modern meditation is the art and science of being more aware of yourself, others and the wider world.


beanddo modern meditation training has roots in the ancient art and science of yoga, stretching back over five thousand years.


Over that time our basic challenge in life hasn't changed. How can we find direction and purpose in life amidst all the distractions and noise? And when we find that direction, how do we then align our mind and body moment-to-moment, as fully as we can, knowing that it is where happiness resides?


Modern meditation techniques help you to know and be in those moments of direction whatever you're doing, wherever you are.


With practice, this simple technique wakes us up to a fuller, more enriching and flowing life experience – your life!


Learning the techniques of modern meditation and practicing regularly is one the best things you can do for yourself, your friends, family, community and colleagues.


Modern meditation is sometimes described as a simple shift in how you see and think about things that are happening right now in your life.


Simply put, it’s being aware of being aware. It is the practice of purposely focusing your attention on the present moment, wherever you are and whatever you are doing – observing and accepting without judgement, expectation or attachment.


With practice, you will begin to feel liberated, more optimistic and purposeful in what you do and who you are every day. Meditation has been scientifically found to be a key element in reducing stress and anxiety, which in turn cultivates happiness, purpose, resilience, creativity and wellbeing.


being fully present and connected in the moment through whatever you're doing

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beanddo by definition

[be-and-do] verb.


being and doing. A purposeful merging of the science of effortless being with the art of spontaneous doing as a way to promote deeper awareness, wellbeing intuition and creativity.

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