What we got up to in September 2017

After returning back to the office from the summer break, September started with even more sunshine. Earlier in the month, we were in Athens, leading a special meditation and creativity retreat. Back in Manchester the next, Be Here Now! Introduction to Modern Meditation course started, as well as the long-awaited beanddo teacher training programme.

Going with the flow

Once again, beanddo went international as we headed out to the forest mountain suburbs of Athens to lead a series of special meditation and creative flow workshops. We were invited to take part in ‘Follow the Sun’, a wellness weekend of yoga, meditation, fitness, diet, music, art and performance organised by an amazing venue called Tatoi. Our founder, Mick, delivered two beanddo Modern Meditation sessions – ‘being’ and ‘doing’ –  which explored how to harness the power of modern meditation for happiness, resilience, creativity and wellbeing in everyday life.

The following day under the shade of a suspended canopy (it was 35 degrees after all), Mick led a very special, fun version of our inspired action and creativity workshop, Happy Spontaneous Me ®. The intention is to help people get out of their comfort zone and into their natural flow state using charcoal pastels and various other drawing tools. The happy spontaneous me programme is a version of some of the teaching techniques Mick uses in his university teaching, helping student designers develop their creative thinking capacity. The workshop is always fun and as we often say you don’t need to be an artist at the start but you will certainly be one at the end!

A little snapshot of our sunshine filled workshops

Be Here Now!

In September we ran another one of our very successful Be Here Now! Introduction to modern meditation courses at the Life Centre North.  This four-week course is designed to reveal how meditation practice, which is now a mainstream area of science and wellbeing, can be utilised anytime, anywhere. Contemporary medicine and health care promote this low cost, high impact intervention to cultivate improvements in both physical and psychological symptoms as well as positive changes in health, attitudes and behaviours. Through Modern Meditation, we harness the benefit of linking our being and doing together and we notice a deeper sense of presence, wholeness, balance and harmony gently flowing through day.

The beanddo process on a flip chart

If you would like to know what all the fuss is about using this ancient science of wellbeing and effective-doing applied to the modern world, sign up to our next Be Here Now course.

Making Happy Work!

This month also saw the start of a long-awaited beanddo modern meditation teacher training programme. This bespoke, specially-designed 100-hour course is accredited by both the Yoga Alliance Professionals and The Society of Holistic Therapists and Coaches. The seven-day, three-part training covers art, science and application of modern meditation based around our eight-part make happy work programme; the basis of our core meditation training approach.

The beanddo teacher training manual

Find out more about our teacher training programme.

Back to school

Late September is our favourite time of year. Autumn is well and truly on its way and the new  academic year begins. Mick has returned this year as a visiting tutor at the Manchester School of Art, teaching deeper, creative thinking and drawing skills to postgraduate design students. Mick recently lead an intense introductory creative workshop with new students designed to help them relax and get into the flow and prepare for the creative demands of the new university year.

Getting into the flow at Manchester School of Art

So September’s been a very busy month for us – how has it been for you? Have you taken time to check-in with your mind and body? If not, learn to do so with one of our modern meditation programmes.  

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