Use Christmas to make some changes.

Many of us welcome the Christmas break as a time for gathering and celebration…and yet sadly, for some, Christmas is not always a happy time.

People who have struggled with tension, stress and anxiety throughout the year find the holidays only serve to heighten their suffering. It’s not only adults; children can feel lost too.

You might know someone who struggles with this time of year. Or it might be you that struggles, but you try not to show it. If that’s the case, December is probably exhausting for you.

We tend to think about Christmas and the new year as a time of transition; a time of new ideas, new opportunities, growth and change. But it might not feel like that for you it might be that January 1st 2018 will just be more of the same but worse, as yet another year passes and nothing seems to have changed. You might be dreading going back to work once the festivities are over; many do. We know that people can feel trapped, overwhelmed and unable to make choices.

Fortunately, there is a solution.

You can decide to make Christmas a stopgap. An opportunity. A moment to stop, change direction and think about making some real changes from the inside-out. These are real changes that you can plan to make now. Wouldn’t it be great if you remembered Christmas 2017 as the moment when you decided to take back control?

We can help…

At beanddo our emphasis is on just that wellbeing. We help you work out how to stay in a good place rather than tackling being in a bad place. Our advice to you is simple; you don’t need to struggle or fight everything you need you already have.

When you learn to switch on the lights, the darkness goes.


Thousands of years of meditation practice tells us that by nurturing our inner resources of positivity, negativity reduces. So instead of trying to change external events, we change inside experience. With practice we become our own gardeners; we learn to prepare the ground for growth and change. And it all happens naturally. Meditation is an ancient science but it’s also an art because in the end it’s an intuitive knowing, not an intellectual exploration. You already know how to do it and if it feels familiar it’s because it is. Because when you get it, you reconnect with yourself, you link back to your inner wisdom (being) and your inner purpose (doing).

When you get these two aspects of you working together you really do get it! You have arrived home, back where you should be and all it takes a simple change of perspective. At beanddo, we point you in the right direction to get back home. And that’s a good place to be on New Year’s Day.

If all this sounds like you, please get in touch. Join us in the new year and learn modern beanddo meditation. We provide evidence-based, certified training in meditation, yoga and cognitive awareness. The science is thousands of years old, the teaching is in the moment. It’s tried and tested – and it works!


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