What we got up to in December

Another busy month as we prepare for the end of the year and make plans for 2018. Key moments in December were ambitious plans to rebuild the beanddo website, teaching about 50 lawyers to meditate and new guided meditations designed just for Christmas and the New Year celebrations.

Meeting the Law

We teamed up with our friends at Optimised Wellness to take part in a day long workshop for the Manchester Law Society.  The theme was leadership and Mick gave a short talk on the benefits of modern meditation in the workplace followed by a short guided meditation exercise. You can download Mick’s talk here. Mick also featured in the Manchester Law Society journal, The Messenger describing how modern meditation practice sharpens focus and nurtures insight and creativity. All of which are key skills for future leaders.

It seems modern meditation in the workplace is really growing, particularly in the high pressured and exacting law profession. Read about the experiences of one our students here who also happens to be a lawyer.

Tactics for a happy christmas

There’s no doubt that for many Christmas and the arrival of New Year are moments of love, joy and happiness. But for others, the holiday is a period of stress and anxiety. So this month we designed and recorded two special guided meditations to help with the mental and emotional intensity of the festive period and the new year. So find a quiet space, sit down and plug in:

New Year Guided Meditation – A short eight minute meditation with introduction to help create a space where actions and decisions come from a deeper place of intuition and inner wisdom.

Disconnect – Reconnect – A 15-minute guided meditation to help you create a moment of peace and quiet so that you can reset and recharge.

New website

This month we also started working on a new beanddo website. The plan is to make the new site more accessible with improved resources and  information on what we do.  There will be explanatory videos, an improved blog,  shop and a special what’s happening section to keep you up to date on how we are helping to make happy work.  The plan is also to bring all of our guided modern meditations  into one place so they can be downloaded and used anytime anywhere. Launch date for the new website will be Feb 2018.

And next month…

There are exciting plans for January 2018.  Our very first urban meditation retreat set for  28th January  at the Life Centre was sold out over a weekend.  If you didn’t manage to book don’t worry we plan to do more during the new year.  However you can sign up  to Mick’s next 4-week introduction  to modern meditation which starts February 19th. Other upcoming projects include a workplace meditation workshop with WeWork, an invitation to do a workshop at the Mindful Living Show and the start of a major collaboration with Optimised Wellness offering workplace meditation training for business leaders, creators and thinkers.

Have a great Christmas everyone and lets make happy work in 2018

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