Rediscovering purpose, embracing change. Transformational Coaching

How to Rediscover your Purpose:

Embrace change, ignite your life’s passion and creativity with Mick Timpson

What is Transformational Coaching?

Transformational coaching uses practical Modern Meditation practices to help you design your world from the inside-out and discover your true potential.

In the journey of life, many of us encounter moments where we feel disconnected from our purpose. However, there is a way to rediscover that spark and align ourselves with our true potential. Welcome to the world of Transformational Coaching, where practical Modern Meditation practices lead you on a transformative path towards designing your world from the inside-out.

What is Transformational Coaching? Transformational coaching is a profound process that empowers individuals to make long-lasting improvements in all aspects of their lives, including their careers. At its core, this coaching approach combines practical Modern Meditation techniques with self-reflective exercises, to help you unlock your true potential and find fulfillment.

Embracing Change:

Life is a constant series of changes, and rather than resisting them, Transformational Coaching encourages you to embrace change as a catalyst for growth. By understanding that change is an inevitable part of life’s journey, you can learn to adapt and evolve gracefully, allowing yourself to flourish in the face of new opportunities.

Igniting Passion and Creativity:

Passion and creativity are powerful driving forces in our lives. Through Transformational Coaching, you will reignite your life’s passion and awaken the dormant creativity within you. By tapping into these inner reservoirs of inspiration, you’ll discover newfound enthusiasm for your goals and aspirations.

Shifting Perspectives:

Incorporating Modern Meditation into the coaching process, individuals can liberate themselves from limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns. By shifting how they perceive the world and their role in it, clients gain a renewed sense of empowerment and clarity. This shift paves the way for profound self-actualization and personal growth.

The Creative and Therapeutic Power of the Self:

Transformational Coaching recognizes the inherent human desire for self-actualization. By tapping into the creative and therapeutic potential of the Self, individuals can uncover their unique gifts and strengths. This process involves nurturing one’s passions and harnessing creativity to design a life that aligns with their authentic self.

Modern Meditation:

A Path to Self-Discovery: Central to Transformational Coaching is the practice of Modern Meditation. Unlike traditional meditation, Modern Meditation is a practical and accessible approach that enables you to take conscious action in your life. This meditative technique empowers you to let go of mental clutter, dig deep within yourself, and cultivate a fresh perspective on life’s challenges.

Transformational Coaching with a focus on Modern Meditation is a transformative journey that leads to self-discovery, purposeful living, and profound growth. Embrace change, ignite your passion, and reconnect with your innate creativity to unleash your fullest potential. Step into this empowering process with Mick Timpson, and let your life’s true purpose flourish like never before. Remember, the path to self-actualization is within your reach, and the possibilities are limitless.

What you will learn:


  1. Practical steps for rediscovering your sense of being linked to your doing in the world.

  2. New ways of perceiving and processing experience in order to tap into and utilise creative possibilities that are available to you continuously

  3. Conquering the fear of change and challenging limiting beliefs

  4. How to bounce back from setbacks with resilience and strength

  5. Building a supportive inner world that will sustain and direct your transformation

  6. Staying focused and purposeful by recognising when and where you are not following your deeper momentum

  7. Crafting a personalized plan of action to manifest your rediscovered Self

This coaching is for:


  1. Anyone of any age, life experience or background

  2. Anyone facing a crossroads in their life

  3. Anyone who is wondering is this it?

  4. Anyone curious about other options and is questioning what has been holding them back

  5. Anyone who feels frustrated and  unfulfilled 

  6. Anyone who wants to be more and do more in the world

How to make a start 

Mick offers two types of coaching models. 


This is a singular two-hour 1-2-1 online coaching session. 

Cost: £75 (£90 incl VAT)  It also includes all teaching materials and session recording.

Transformational Coaching:

This is a full in-depth six part 10-hour 1-2-1 online coaching session. 

Cost: £540 (£450 incl VAT). It also includes all coaching support materials and session recordings.