In-person Modern Meditation classes with Mick Timpson 

Full Day introduction to Modern Meditation for the new and curious:

Starts: 10.00am – 5.00pm 22 March 2025


We all want to be well and do better. We all want to experience a sense of presence and purpose in life because we intuitively know this is where happiness lies.

It’s wired into us!

Deep down we all know we can be different and do differently, when we discover and empower who we know we can be. But everyday, this longing to know our authentic, truly happier version of yourself is often obscured by the daily distraction of fears, regrets, the stress of overwhelming expectation and just the pace and complexity of 21st century life.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can make happiness work in your life right now. This is how you do it!

What is Modern Meditation for?

Modern Meditation will equip you with inner tools to help build wholeness, resilience, creativity and wellbeing. After a while you will learn that you can make these changes for yourself, by design.

Whether this is your first experience with meditation or you’re a seasoned practitioner, this comprehensive course will gently guide you towards how you can use Modern Meditation to redesign your world from the inside out.

You will learn how to stop and relax purposefully, guide your attention, change your perspective and manage your mind towards knowing a deeper conscious awareness and insight that will unleash your ability to change, grow and thrive in the world.  

Just follow the map

Discover a more conscious world – you won’t get lost!

Mick has created a route map of eight interconnected practices that will take you on a journey from the outside to the inside and then back out into the world again equipped with deeper insight, creativity, energy, purpose, happiness and love.

These are not skills you acquire. They are what you discover because you already have them in abundance. Modern Meditation is the technique that helps you unlock and utilise the power of YOU. With practice you discover how to take inspired action – every moment of your day.

This special live in-person course is based on Mick’s book:

‘Making Happy Work. A beginners’ guide to navigating the modern world with meditation’. 

You will receive a free signed copy when joining the course. 


What you’ll need:

No prior experience of meditation is required. 

Just bring along a body that breathes and a mind that is open.

All meditation will be practiced on chairs. There will be no breathing techniques to learn or difficult postures to master.

The experience is limited to a group of ten. 

Cost: £85.00 (Snacks, light lunch and learning material included)

Venue: Ananda Barn, Parsonage Lane, Chilcompton, BA3 4HD

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Read what people are saying having completed this course:

"Firstly I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed your course! I looked forward to the sessions and found them very powerful and enlightening! Even on some evenings when I was not completely well, physically or emotionally I was so glad I had gone along and felt better for it! I will continue with my practice as it has helped me so much over the last eight weeks, I am more calm in a crisis and just generally relaxed and positive it’s like I have discovered an amazing tool for navigating my my way through this rollercoaster which is life! I would love to be part of the Learning Circle and look forward to its launch in January! As I’m sure this journey is only just beginning! Once again many thanks for this experience which I believe has changed my life. Also, I just wanted to mention how beautiful and welcoming Ananda Barn is and how this helped me feel very comfortable."
"We have loved being part of your Modern Meditation course at your beautiful Ananda Barn these past 8 weeks or so and feel quite bereft it has now finished! I certainly feel enriched by what I have learned and experienced through your excellent coaching and gentle guidance. I did try to read your book after I had attended one of your taster sessions earlier in the year but at a very superficial level as I really didn't understand very much at all I now realise. I appreciate I still have a long way to go but after this course with you I do feel I have much more of an awareness of the power of meditation and how I might be able to use the skills I have learned in different scenarios - both challenging and those less demanding! Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher, Mick".

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