Modern Meditation Teacher Training.

Part Two

Modern Meditation, Teacher Training

Part Two. Advanced Level – Going Deeper Online and Live in Somerset

Next part Two course starts 17 April 2024

Let’s make a difference…

After completing Part One, Making Happy Work – Foundation you can go on to immerse yourself thoroughly into the art, science, application and teaching of Modern Meditation.

Modern Meditation is to do with how we perceive and process ourselves and the world around us. It serves as a bridge between being and doing, enabling you to seamlessly integrate meditation into your daily routine. By practicing these techniques, you’ll learn to embrace all circumstances and experiences as opportunities for growth, rather than challenges.

This is because the best meditation practice is directly related to our everyday activities, not something separate, and is only possible when it’s aligned with daily life experience and activities.

Modern Meditation is about learning to observe, to see unconditionally. This change of perspective changes our relationship with the world. It develops a tremendous insight, a deep inward comprehension of things as they really are, not what you think they are. This way of meditation brings clarity, purpose, tranquillity, creativity and insight to our everyday existence – vital for the modern world.

This is not another mindfulness course commonly taught, such as watching of the breath or TM such as repeating a mantra.

From There to Here

Part Two. Advanced Level is a hybrid 12 part online and in-person training programme devised and led by beanddo founder Mick Timpson

The programme is supported by a 300-page course manual, teaching plans, guides, audio meditation and meditation scripts. Students will go through each session stage by stage, exploring the beanddo teachings in detail. The course will also explore the core science and timeless insight and wisdom that underpins the techniques of Modern Meditation experience. The final part of the course will drill down into the mechanics, application and teaching of Modern Meditation using beanddo’s 4-A technique, Attention, Awareness, Attitude and Action and the beanddo practice tracker.

How Part Two works?

The course will be a mixture of live online and in-person providing a rich, engaging and learning experience.

The first 8 sessions will be live-streamed and led by Mick Timpson. The next 4 sessions will be in-person with Mick at Ananda Barn in Somerset over a dedicated weekend where application and teaching techniques will be developed and practiced.

The next course starts 17 April 2024 and will include:



Throughout the whole course there will be a continued emphasis on empowering you to find your own voice and insight through this amazing life changing practice. The course ensures you have the best possible tools to train with confidence or go deeper in your own meditation journey. After all that is the only way, you can become an effective, creative and powerful teacher for others.

Part Two. Advanced Course fee – £1950 (Deposit required £100)

(an installment pay plan is available on request)

Pay your £100 deposit here to secure your place (course limited to a maximum of 10 students). 

We will then contact you to discuss the payment options. 

"I wasn't sure what to expect, but the course has far exceeded my expectations! I also really love how you encompass a happy, positive and safe environment in your teaching...I see how I can learn to be a better teacher and hopefully a great one following your lead."
- AL. C

Course Content

• 8 live streamed two-hour evening sessions once/ week

• 4 in-person sessions at Ananda Barn over two full days. *

• A 300-page bespoke fully illustrated beanddo Teacher Training Manual

• Reading and study list

• Comprehensive Modern Meditation teaching plans and scripts for all 8 parts of the programmes

• Detailed Modern Meditation guidance scripts

• beanddo practice tracker and personal log

• 10 guided meditation audio recordings

• Recordings of each teacher training session to revisit whenever required

• Personal access to the beanddo online teacher’s Resources HUB

• eBook version of ‘Make Happy Work’ by Mick Timpson

• eBook version of ‘A Modern Way to Meditate’ by Mick Timpson

*overnight accommodation not included

OM Work

Throughout the course you will undertake a series of set assignments. These will comprise short essays (max 800 words), meditation scripts and class planning plus a series of audio recordings. Listen in here to beanddo Modern Meditation trainee teacher Anna deliver a short guided beanddo Modern Meditation as part of her Advanced Level training:

A powerful integration of theory and practice

Modern Meditation involves learning how to change and upgrade how we perceive and process ourselves and the world around us. At beanddo, emphasis is on how meditation can change how we operate in the world – how to be different and do differently.

The beanddo Modern Meditation practices involve a nurturing and upgrading of key cognitive skills which support and activate this shift. The Modern Meditation practitioner discovers how to shift from subconscious reaction to conscious action. With practice the result is a heightened and empowered sense of being integrated into positive and effective doing. The result of this shift enables the practitioner to self-optimise and empower an inbuilt wellbeing, energy, health, positivity and purpose.

A relevant and vital 21st Century human skill

The world is changing. We are experiencing a pandemic of stress, anxiety and depression related illness. There is far too much concentration on doing as against being. This imbalance is not sustainable. In the long term the result is not increased productivity, more output, more creativity, innovation, or profit – it’s the opposite. When the needs of being are ignored, the actual output is reduced wellbeing, increased stress and anxiety, fear and burnout.

Training to teach this ancient but very modern skill of meditation reveals that we can develop the resources not only to cope and adapt but thrive in the modern world. We can help create a sustainable environment to be and do.

Part Two. Advanced Course fee – £1950

(installment available on request)

Pay your £100 deposit here to secure your place (course limited to a maximum of 10 students). 

We will then contact you to discuss the payment options.

Course dates for 2024

Live online starting April 17 2024. 7.00 – 9.00pm

  1. 17 April

  2. 24 April

  3. 1 May

  4. 8 May

  5. 15 May

  6. 22 May

  7. 5 June

  8. 12 June

Live in-person at Ananda Barn

22 – 23 June 2024
"Mick is an inspirational teacher. His style is relaxed, open and approachable. His vision of #makehappywork makes meditation an attainable reality. Highly recommend learning to meditate with him and also his meditation teacher training programme - his training has been fundamental to the work I do."
Laura Coleman
Meditation Student

Global Accreditation

Mick is an accredited Senior Coach and Mentor with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. He is a recognised EMCC Global Quality Award provider. He is also a senior Yoga Coach recognised by the Yoga Alliance Professionals.

The Advanced beanddo Modern Meditation teaching course is fully accredited with European Coaching and Mentoring Council. On completion you can join the EMCC, as a globally accredited ‘bespoke’ coach. This means you are part of a world-wide family – a family which is motivated for everyone to achieve, professional excellence and which champions research and evidence-based practice. EMCC Global Accreditation gives your clients and employers, your peers and your community reassurance about how you are maintaining professional standards and are adhering to a shared Global Code of Ethics.

The EMCC Global Individual Accreditation (EIA) is an internationally recognised accreditation that demonstrates that an individual practising as a professional mentor/coach has the appropriate level of knowledge and the ability to apply it effectively in their practice.

Coaches and mentors who have undergone a programme with an EMCC Global Quality Award provider (see below) will already received the quantity and standard of training they need to evidence as part of their application.

This beanddo Advanced course is accredited with the European Quality Award (EQA) an internationally recognised accreditation for providers of mentoring/coaching training.

When you graduate from the beanddo EQA-accredited course you will be able to apply for your own EMCC Global Individual Accreditation (EIA).

"This morning I started delivering a little meditation course - online on Zoom, free, at 7am every morning - to go through the meditation road map day by day. For a handful of stressed friends and family. I wanted to jump in and start delivering straight away and not wait for a formal course to start - not to let perfection get in the way of action! Couldn't have done it without your guidance, support and encouragement".
Professor Fiona Measham
Modern Meditation Coach and Teacher