Live in-person Modern Yoga classes and courses with Mick Timpson

8-week introduction to yoga for the new and curious:

Course dates: 7.00 – 8.30pm. 

15 April – 17 June 2024



Have you always wanted to learn yoga and meditation? But have always felt that yoga classes were just too hip and trendy and not for you…

Mick Timpson, senior yoga and meditation teacher, is offering a very special small group 8-week beginners course at his home, Ananda Barn in Chilcompton. Limited to just 6 curious students, the course introduces yoga’s core techniques, principles and practices, so you can develop your own home practice.

No experience of yoga or meditation is needed. Just bring a body that breathes and a mind that is open. Yoga will do the rest as you discover how to transform your life from the inside out.

What to expect:

The course comprises eight 90-minute classes, which combined together will help you discover:

✓ How to breathe consciously

✓ Strengthen and flex the body with yogic postures and sequences

✓ The techniques and basics of meditation

✓ How to purposefully relax deeply from the inside out

✓ Enhance your concentration and attention skills

✓ How reduce stress and promote positive thinking

✓ How to increase and enhance energy levels

✓ Find a new sense of purpose and intention in your day-to-day

Yoga mats are provided but please feel free to bring your own zafu (meditation cushion), mat and blanket

Course starts: 15 April 2024

Course finishes: 17 June 2024

Fee: £120.00 (10 hours of yoga teaching with Mick)

Ananda Barn, Parsonage Lane, Chilcompton. BA3 4HD

Each course is limited to just 6 students (minimum 4). Book here to reserve your place.

Read what Mick says about his teaching…

"I have been teaching yoga and meditation for over 30 years. This ancient 5000 year old practice has never been more relevant in the world than NOW. Stress, anxiety, anger, doubt and fear are caused by wanting the present moment to be what it's not. We are distracted and dream instead of live. Yoga is designed to help us see that illusion. When we discover how to be fully present, to be in the world and not of it, we experience the deep inner stillness of NOW, where the creativity, joy and solutions are found that will change your life from the inside-out".

Read what Mick’s students say about his teaching...

"... you have made my life better in many many ways. I was joyless, sick, depressed and negative. Yoga, and in particular the meditation aspect, has literally taught me how to live and how to take care of myself, my body, my mind, my heart. I'm difficult to teach but your passion, knowledge, commitment and dedication to the true yoga was exactly what I needed. Your authenticity was so important to me when I was so filled with negativity".
Mary C
Researcher & Poet
"Mick is an excellent yoga and meditation teacher. His classes are relaxed and informal and I always left them feeling relaxed and restored. Mick is incredibly knowledgeable about the philosophies underpinning yoga and meditation and is an expert in how to apply this in a modern working context. Highly recommended".
Sally H
Therapist & Coach

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